5 Things You Might Not Know About Nutella

Around our world, the rate of crimes that are Nutella-related is going up. In 2013 this chocolate-hazelnut spread made the headlines in Germany where 5.5 metric tons of this stuff was stolen from a truck that was parked – value of this job $20,000.


A few weeks earlier, Columbia University was found at themiddle of what is called “Nutella-gate,” an expose accusing the school of spending $6,000 every week on this spread for one of its dining rooms, where student were supposedly scarfing 100 pounds of it each day. Here are things you may not know about this snack that is super addictive.

1) Hitler and Napoleon are responsible for this worldwide Nutella addiction. Back during 1806, Napoleon attempted to freeze out British commerce as a means to win the Napoleonic wars (and take over the world.) This resulted in a catastrophic continental blockage causing the cost of chocolate to skyrocket in price and left chocolatiers in a dilemma. Ever resourceful, chocolatiers in turn began adding chopped hazelnuts to stretch the chocolate supply as far as possible. The ensuring deliciousness was a paste dubbed “gianduia”.

Later after another 100 years, chocolate became expensive again and hard to find due to restricting in Europe for the duration of WW II. An Italian maker of pastry turned again to the monumental hazelnut for redemption in 1946 and formed what was named “Nutella” in 1964.

2) It really is the breakfast of champions. According to the Guiness World Records, Nutella’s 40th Anniversary breakfast festivity in Germany in 2005 holds currently the award of “Largest Continental Breakfast.” A total of 27,854 individuals gathered in Gelsenkirchen to have an enjoyable meal that consisted of little more than Nutella itself.

3) It sells like hot cakes. One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds worldwide. According to the US Census Bureau, one person is born every 8 seconds. So, you do the math.

4) It spreads wide and far. Not only is it available for feverish consumption in 75 countries, all of the Nutella sold in one year could be spread over more than 1000 soccer fields.

5) It is well-“liked.” In 2009, Nutella held the third most “liked” fan page on Facebook with a total of 2 million fans, falling in after the Coca-Cola and Barack Obama pages. While it no longer ranksamid the top pages, it does have a total of over 28 million Likes.


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