Rare Diamond For Sale

A very rare yellow diamond, pear shaped is anticipated to bring up to $15 million at auction and who buys this diamond will earn the chance to name it, Sotheby’s auction house said Wednesday.

Fancy vivid yellow

(Photo: KING)

(Photo: KING)

The diamond is currently referred to as the Sun-Drop Diamond and is defined as a ‘fancy vivid yellow’ which is the highest grading color by gemstone experts. It is the biggest diamond of its kind weighing 110.3 carats.

The head of Sotheby’s jewelry division said that it looks the weight. He also stated, “At the same time it’s a very bright stone,” as a model showed off the diamond to photographers before the upcoming sale at Geneva’s Beau-Ravage hotel.

This jewel is being sold by Cora International which found the diamond in a South Africa mine about a year ago – meaning it has no history of previous wearers.Some people find a never before worn diamond that has been lying untouched in the ground for millions of years very attractive to own.

Rarest of diamonds

Yellow diamonds are the rarest of diamonds.The scale of color of a natural colorless diamond is rated from D-Z. But, close to the end of the colorless scale, are where the scale of colorless diamonds ends, and where the fancy color diamond scale starts. In fact, Cape diamonds which are those diamonds that fall in the X-Y-Z range of the colorless scale containingrathervisible traces of yellow or brown color tones. This is the beginning of the Fancy Yellow Diamond and Fancy Brown diamond scale of color.

These diamonds also known as Champagne or Cognac or colored diamonds are the only color of diamonds that startsin the colorless grading scale.

Graded by hue of yellow

Fancy yellow diamonds are graded by the hue of yellow color within the stones. Generally, diamonds at the top of the scale contain the weakest tone of yellow and are Light Yellow Diamonds. These are stones that are dominantly yellow but with almost equal traces of white throughout the stones. At the other end of the scale, stones that contain the tones that are strongest of yellow are known as Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamonds. These diamonds have no white traces and depending on the saturation and distribution of color comprise an exceptional yellow color throughout.

This diamond was first shown on CNN February 14th, 2011. There is no other information on who bought the diamond and how much it was bought for.



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