Places Planes Can’t Fly Over In The United States.

It might be only 7 days until large numbers of fliers take the friendly sky to visit with family, friends, and often that baby crying in row 15, but it doesn’t matter where you started or where you finally land, it is definite the path of your flight will not be over definite areas. These areas for many reasons have been labeled ‘no-fly’ zones.


1. Mount Vernon// George Washington’s Home2

Restriction: From Surface to 1500 feet above Sea Level.

A big ‘no’-to flying over the home of George Washington located at Mount Vernon. The house is totally built in all wood and through the years the House has become fragile. So no flying zone was put into place to safe further damage on our First President’s home.

2. As Well As Disney World In Orlando, Fl. And Disneyland Anaheim, CA3

Restriction: This is 3000 feet over ground level.

After September 11 assaults on our country, Disney did manage to have a “temporary” ‘no-fly’ zone slid into a $400 billion disbursements bill in 2003 that recognized the airspace was restricted overs its Orlando and Anaheim theme parks due to large crowds every day.

3. Compound Bush Family // Kennebunkport, ME4

Restriction: Ground to 1000 feet above Sea Level.

The compound of the Bush family is situated on the Walker’s Point peninsula in the Maine town ofscenic Kennebunkport. This has been the family home for over 100 years and the 1st President Bush makes this his summer home. There are also many people in and out of this compound.

4. Nuclear facility Pantex // Amarillo, TX5

Restriction: Ground to 4800 feet above Sea Level.

This plant is a nuclear facilitywith high-security situated about 17.5 miles north-east of Amarillo, TX. Its operation is ‘to ensure the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear stockpile.’

5. Washington, D.C.6

Restriction: Ground to 18,000 feet above Sea Level.

No fly zone over the area of monuments, Capital Building, White House and the Mall – became much stricter after 9/11. This zone is mostly the actual city of DC as many federal employees live in suburban areas outside of the DC area.

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