20 Facts of History That Don’t Seem Like They Can Be True – But They Are

1. The Sultan Ibrahim I of the Ottoman Empire’s had 280 of his concubines were drowned in the ocean because one of them slept with someone else.1


2. In feudal times people were put to death for being witches. One anthropologist estimates that as many as over 600,000 “witches” were killed.

3. General Santa Anna of the Mexican Army had an extravagant national funeral for his leg that was amputated.


4. Baby girls numbering in the tens of thousands were every year abandoned in China since the country has a one-child policy.

5. Prior to the mid-19th century, false teeth were normally made with the teeth pulled from the dead soldiers mouths.


6. The Emperor of Rome Gaius made a senator of his cherished horse. Roman Emperor Gaius made a senator of his cherished horse.

7. Britons in the Ice age drank from cups that were made from the skulls of the dead.

8. Following Pope Gregory IX linked cats with worship of the devil, cats throughout area of Europe were killed in bunches.


9. This abrupt lack of cats steered the extent of disease since infected rats were running free. The most overwhelming of these diseases was when the Bubonic Plague killed over 100 million people.

10. The Aztecs had human sacrifices to their gods. In 1487, at the temple dedication in Tenochtitlan over 20,000 people were killed.

11. The Mayans as well made sacrifices. The most common being the pulling of a still-beating heart from a victim’s chest.

12. In the 13th century over 30,000 children went on what is referred to as the as the Children’s Crusade. They were induced that God would let them take back the Holy Land minus any incidents, but the majority of these children died on the trip or were sold as slaves.

13. During Ancient Egypt, the servants had honey smeared on them the flies were fond of them and not the pharaoh.

14. After death, many pharaohs were closed into their crypts with living servants, concubines and pets.

15. The Romans used as mouthwash human urine.

16. In 1788 the army of Austrian attacked itself and killed 10,000 men.

17. Prior to appointed pope, Pius II penned a very popular sensual book called The Tale of Two Lovers.

18. People were buried alive so often in the 19th century that designers patented ‘safety coffins’ giving the “dead” the capacity to notify those above ground they were still alive.

19. About 750,000 men died in the Civil War, and that was more than 2.5% of the population of all of America at the time.

20. In Medieval era the suspect frequently faced a “trial by ordeal,” where they were enforced to stick their arm into a vat of water that was boiling. If the arm came out intact, it was thought God saved them, showing their innocence.


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