Ten Most Awesome Places Abandoned By Humans

Humans are strange specie they like to decorate their homes and beautify it to every extent. But as soon as some problem occurs they abandon their place for no specific reason and these places are then left to the wild. Here are some of the most amazing places that once were not so great but after being abandoned have turned into one.
10. A palace in Poland:

This once used to be the home of Polish Royalty in 1910. Later on it became the hospital for mentally ill people, but before that it was also used as an agricultural school.

9. in Woods:
This is a house that was abandoned by the people, though no one exactly knows who lived here. But the circulating stories tell us that now it witches live here.
8. St Ettienne Church France:
From the grandness of this church one can imagine that a huge amount of money was spent on its construction. Now it is only used as a movie site.
7. Doll factory Spain:
This factory was once functional and used to make dolls, which were supplied all over the country. This was closed because of some unknown reasons.
6. Abandoned Bicycle:
This bicycle has a very interesting story associated to it, according to the locals this once belonged to a boy who left it in the woods before going to war.
5. Floating Forest:
This one is from Sydney and according to the legend this once used to belong to the pirates.
4. Tree house in Florida:
3. Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture, France:
This rail road used to provide supplies to the fort outside Paris. After the fort was destroyed this railroad was abandoned and now has become a perfect picnic spot for the families.
2. Spree park Berlin:
Looks like a scene from a scary movie isn’t it but this once used to the only theme park in East Berlin, after wall was torn down this park was shut in 2001 because of low attendance.
1. Nara Dream Land Japan:
This was a theme park opened in Japan in hope of attracting tourism, though it ran pretty well for few years. After 1990 number of visitors started decreasing and then eventually in 2006 they had to close this park.


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