A Dream Land UP North

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Have you ever though that what’s it like on the North Pole apart from the cold weather. Well this place known as Lapland will surely blow you away as it is one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet.


Southern Lapland is famous for it’s snow covered cone trees, this place will surely take you away from all the worldly worries and you would feel like a movie character.
Yes, since it’s North pole so no matter in which direction you go , you would find snow and people who like winters and snow for them this part of the world is heaven.
One of the rarest phenomenons that are the Northern lights can be seen from here, all you need is to plan your trip accordingly.


If ever there was a place that looked like Santa’s home it surely is Lapland. Here you would find reindeer and if you are lucky enough to tame one, you can also enjoy the ride.
Here you would have to sleep in an igloo, which is a fun on its own. Apart from this there are many other breathtaking views that one can see. So start saving and spend the summers in this dream world.

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