Mind Boggling Facts About China

China is a huge country with a mighty population of 1.35. It constitutes of 22 provinces. Here are some attention-grabbing facts about china which must have been unfamiliar to you.
It is the fourth largest country present on the globe covering a vast area of 3,719,275 sq miles. Its borders with the neighboring countries total to about 117,445 miles. Although it is smaller than United States but its population is four times the population of U.S. Out of the total population of China, 35 million people still live in the caves due to religious restrictions and an effort to gain saintly strength. 1

Every year in early spring time, a bizarre event takes place in China. The urine of 10 year old boys is collected and then used to boil eggs in them. These urine boiled eggs are then sold at double price. The people living in Dongyang have a strong belief that cooking the eggs in this manner helps to endorse better blood circulation and lower down the heat of the body. 2

Another mind goggling fact is that there are 35000 abortions per day. This is due to the “One-child” law in China which is an effort to reduce rapid population growth.

China is, in fact, the largest toy producing country of the world. 80% of the toys which are being used by all the countries are manufactured in china. . Moreover, 85% of the artificial Christmas trees are also made in China. Due to this market, China’s output expanded by 7.7 percent in 2013.
The women in china invest a healthy amount of $700 for surgery to re-establish virginity. This operation is performed a short time before the wedding of the girl. This procedure was introduced because the divorce percentage grew in China. The discovery of the wife not being virgin forced many husbands to take that step. 4

Coming now to some landscape oriented facts. The Gobi desert present in China is the same size as that of Peru and it is expanding 1400 sq miles per year due to water scarcity, global warming and over-grazing. Beijing is one of the most populated cities of the world. Breathing in this city is as ominous as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Its atmosphere has causes severe lung and throat complexities therefore the residents of Beijing have made the wearing of masks, a necessity. Beijing also holds the negative record of the largest traffic jam the world has ever witnessed resulting by the roadwork. It stretched to 60 miles on the National Expressway.420 police officers were called upon and the issue was resolved after 11 days.5



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