Cats Wishes To Be Someone Else. #3 Looks like Dobby

Cats are considered to be the most loved pets in the world. They enjoy the company of their owners and perform extremely cute steps to win the hearts of their owners but ,here is a list of some cats which got bored of just being cats and decided to transform into something else.

1. Batman cat


This cat transformed into one of the biggest action characters of the Hollywood industry. It might be having a tinge of white near her neck but the stern look, the alarm sensing ears and the firm expression of its face is in complete accordance to the look of Batman.

2. “Roasted” Cat



This auburn colored cat may have been in a state of great pain or might be enjoying the warmth of the room but whatever the case may be; it shaped itself to be the exact figure of a roasted chicken, ready to be torn and gobbled.

3. The cat looks like Dobby


Who is not aware of the character of Dobby in the super hit fiction series “Harry Potter”! He served Harry in the most generous way one could imagine but he could not have thought of a cat which could match his appearance. Well, here is a white cat which has provided the color of reality to this thought. The color of its eyes may not match with Dobby but it gives a complete sense of Dobby by posing in this manner. It’s over grown ears and the round nose resembles greatly to Dobby.

4. The kitty looks like the rug


Apart from the popped-up head of this Persian cat, the rest of the body is in complete resemblance to the white rug. The long hair of the kitty is brushed in a way that it matches with the rug. The rest of the problem has been solved by its zero size stomach.

5. The cat looks like Swamp Monster


Swamp monsters have been a significant character of fiction for a long time. In this picture, the cat’s face, the posture and its expressions are exactly the same as that of the swamp monster. The cat has toiled hard to reach this level of similarity. It is soaked wet and has presses its face with the mirror to squash its face.

6. The Chaplin Cat


Charlie Chaplin was one of the most esteemed and capable actor in the history. This cat wishes to get the same popularity so has changed itself into Chaplin. The Hat has given her even more semblance but the most identical feature is the undersized mustache.


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