Why Americans Should Not Disturb The Russians

Right now America is undoubtedly the super power and gone are the days when Russia used to challenge the supremacy of the Americans. But there is a saying that once a contender is always a contender, here are a few reasons why Americans must not disturb the Russians.
10. Tanks on beaches:


Yeah that sounds as absurd as it actually is but really they do have their tanks placed on the beaches. What and why are these tanks placed for, well only Russians could answer this question.
9. National Sex Day:


Some provinces celebrate the sex day and a holiday is given to the employees so that they can have sex, which eventually would increase country’s population.
8. Commutes in Russia:


Yeah they really are that loaded all the time and they are often seen in the public places properly dressed up so, beware guys.

7. Fearless:


These people do not fear death and that is the main reason why they are so bold and brave. How on earth are you supposed to oppress a nation that does not fear death.
6. Pet foxes:


These Russians are strange people they train foxes and use them as attack animals. These foxes are used to hunt down animals for pleasure and meat.
5. Large area:


Russia has a very large area and one can imagine the vastness of the country as it has more area than the entire planet Pluto (which now is called demi).
4. Consumption of Alcohol:


This is a scary one; Each Russian on average consumes about 18 liters alcohol each day. This is exactly double of what experts consider bad for health.
3. No room for out honest Journalists:


Russia is considered to be a grave yard for the journalists as most of the hones ones are found dead. It is believed that Government is behind these killings.
2. Walking distance to Alaska:


Alaska as we all know is a cold hell, and Russia is only four kilometer away from Alaska. One can imagine the toughness of the people living in such severe conditions.
1. Women outnumbering men:


Well this one would surely make you jump off your seat. It is a known fact that number of women is increasing all over the globe but in the case of Russia, women have outnumbered men by nine million.


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