Ten Awful Methods Used In Past To Cure A Patient

All our lives we hear of these amazing doctors and physicians who used to cure people in medieval ages, though these stories are correct but some of their medicines were simply awful and would make you vomit, don’t believe us give it a show yourself.

10. Paste of Dead Mouse:


This technique was used by Egyptians, who used to mash mice and then use that paste to cure their toothaches.

9. Half a mouse:


This strange method was used in England, people used to cure their warts by applying a half cut mouse to them.

8. Liver of a sheep:


In Mesopotamian civilization doctors used to diagnose a patient with the help of liver of sheep.

7. Fart:


This is a disgusting method, but it was used in the medieval ages as people used to fart in jars and when the plaque hit the town, they used to open the jars for them.

6. Tongue cutting:


If any person used to go to doctor to fix up stuttered, he would cut your tongue into half to fix it, scary huh. Although half of the people died from the non-stop bleeding.

5. Urine:


Doctors and physicians used to smell the urine samples of patients and when they failed to come up with anything they actually tasted it.

4. Snake Oil:


Ancient Chinese people used snake oil to cure the pain in joints.

3. Snail Juice:


This method was used way back in 1700’s when people used smashed snails to cure cough and ear pains.

2. Bloodletting:


This is the most famous method as in old times, people believed that bad and outdated blood is the major cause of ailments and for that they recreationally used leeches which sucked supposedly “bad blood” from the body.

1. Malaria:


This is perhaps the most stunning technique and to understand the concept you must watch Brad Pitt’s World War Z, in which a person’s body is infected to destroy other bacteria, so malaria is used to raise the temperature of the body which eventually killed the bacteria responsible for syphilis.


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