Ten Astounding Facts About Stars

Man has always been fascinated by stars and why not when at night you just look up it’s the whole world out there and those glittering and shining dots take you away from the worldly worries. Here are listed some mouth opening facts about stars.

10. Not single:


You don’t see a single star, that one glimmering dot is actually multiple stars, since you are far away from them that is the reason why you see them like that.

9. Supernova:


Before a star goes into a dwarf phase it undergoes massive chain reaction and that process is known as supernova.

8. After Supernova:


After going through the process of supernova these stars turn into black holes which eat all gravity and light

7. Even bigger than Sun:


There are stars that are actually many million times bigger than our Sun.

6. Eta Carinae:

It is one of the biggest stars of our universe, it has been given the status of hyper giant.

5. 400 billion Stars:


This is the number of stars in the Milky Way alone, now imagine how many would be in the whole universe.

4. During a clear night:


During a clear night you cannot see even the fraction of these stars, such is this number.

3. Original Matter:


The original matter that was used to make up the entire universe was produced during the Big Bang explosion.

2. Color:


Color of any star can give you a lot of information about itself such as its mass and luminosity.

1. Coolest stars:


The coolest stars in the universe are believed to have the temperature of about 3500 Kelvin. This is the special unit used to measure the temperature of stars.


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