Ten Facts About Our Universe. 6# Is A Alcohol Gas Cloud

Out universe is full of wonders and secrets and man is still trying to unfold the mysteries that lie in the depths of the universe. Here are some of the jaw drooping facts that would blow you away.

10. Mighty Sun:


Our Sun makes up the 99% of the mass of the entire solar system.

9. Planet HD189733b:


There is a planet by the name of HD189733b where it actually rains glass and that too sideways.

8. Journey of Photon:


Photons are the energy packets and it takes a single photon about 170,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to the surface.

7. Long Distance:


After that it takes about only eight minutes for that photon to travel from the surface of the sun to our Earth.

6. Alcohol Gas Cloud:


There is a gas cloud in the universe that contains enough alcohol to produce 400 trillion pints of vine. Imagine the number of zeros in the figure.

5. Dung Beetles:


Dung beetles can act as guides on a voyage to Milky Way.

4. Burring Ice:


Just 33 light years from our Earth there is an exoplanet that is covered in burning ice.

3. Earth a black hole:


To convert our earth into a black hole you need to squeeze it down to size of marble.

2. New Stars:


Just about 275 million years far from us new stars are born after every 24 hours.

1. Spiral arms:


Milky way has four spiral arms, though first it was thought that it has two but latest discoveries prove that the number is actually four.


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