Five Wrong Science Facts We Were Taught At School

Schools are a place where a child gets his education and learns about different theories. But as they say that too much knowledge can also be harmful. So that is the reason why the following facts that we were taught in school, are no where close to actual reality.

5. Sixth Sense:


All our lives we’ve been taught there is a sixth sense that awares our body of any upcoming danger, but this is absolutely wrong as there is no such thing as sixth sense.

4. Magnetic Repulsion:
Not only stuff that contains metal is magnetic, but also human body and vegetables are magnetic in nature as well This is because we  contain a certain amount of metal in our bod. Though the attraction is so small that it cannot be felt.

3. Wrong color painting:


Entire school life we are taught that there are primary colors who are not made from any other color, but from the combination of these colors we can make every other color, this is nothing but absurdity as red is a primary color and it can be made by mixing yellow and magenta.

2. Bitter taste in mouth:


Remember that tongue map drawings on the biology book, which state that the bitter taste buds are located at the back of the tongue, well this is not the case as they are located everywhere on the tongue.

1. Solids maintain their shapes:1

Well this is another shocking truth that solids do not maintain their shapes sometimes and liquids on the other hand do maintain their shape as liquid color display (LCD’s) and shampoos.


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