10 Crazy Facts About Our Galaxy Milky Way. #6 Has 100 billion Planets

Our galaxy is Milky Way and it is full of wonders, let us take you for a walk of our galaxy.

10. Onion Arm:


Galaxies usually have arms in the form of spirals and it is thought that about two third of the galaxies have spiral arms. Milky Way too has these arms one of which is given the name of Onion Arm.

9. Massive Black Hole:


There is a super massive black hole in our galaxy and it is considered to be one of the biggest of its kind.

8. Particle Geysers:


Imagine a small swimming pool which has all the sea life in it from sharks to gold fish and many others. Now imagine the chaos that would be going on in the swimming pool. Similar is the case of our galaxy, as there is a place where geysers of particles erupt because of moment of different objects.

7. New Stars being born:


How often is a new star born in our galaxy ?.This is one of those few questions that have always disturbed scientists, but one thing that is known that a new star is born after millions of years in our galaxy.

6. 100 billion Planets:


Yes, this is true our milky way is comprised of about 100 billion planets.

5. Earth like Planets:


Another astounding fact is that there are billions of planets which resemble our Earth in many ways.

4. Cannibal Galaxy:


This galaxy does not eat flesh or humans, but it likes to eat stars, and this was formed as a result of the collision that is believed to have occurred about billions of years ago.

3. Cosmic Wrapping:


It is believed that the milky way is in a shape of a sphere, but this is not true. It has a bulging at the center which gives it a pretty odd look and moreover it is wrapped from outside by some cosmic material.

2. Twin Galaxies:


In 2012 scientists discovered that there are two galaxies which orbit our Milky Way and these both galaxies are twin.

1. Orbit:


Our galaxy orbits thee black hole that is located at the center of it and it takes almost 250 million years for our Milky Way to complete that orbit.


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