Ten Facts Prove That Living In Past Was Frightening

Living in medieval ages is considered to be fun as people think that those were the glorious times and people living in those times used to be more down to earth. But below here are listed some facts that would raise the hair on your back and surely you would be thankful to be born in 21st Century.

10. American Civil War:


More than 7.5 million people were killed in the Civil War. The more scary part is that if you consider in percentage more than 2.5% of the American population was killed in that war and not to mention those who were crippled for life.

9. Rare Specie:

There used to be 12 million Native Americans living in America but this number came down to mere 1500, as the number of Europeans grew on the continent.

8. Slavery:


It is believed that more than 12 million Africans people were kidnapped and then sold in markets as slaves in three centuries, so this fact would be enough to change your mind about that golden era.

7. Human Sacrifices:


Human sacrifices were common in those days and many civilizations used to sacrifice their fellow men in order to please Gods. These sacrifices were made on a mass scale and in a dedication to a temple about 20,000 people were sacrificed.

6. More Brutal Sacrifices:


Mayans literally pulled the hearts out of the bodies of alive people and this was how they pleased their Gods.

5. Joseph Stalin:


This man is remembered as the most brutal man who ever walked on earth, he killed 12 to 15 million people in his dictatorship period.

4. Ganges Khan:


Our universe is never going to witness a ferocious warrior than Ganges, he and his armies killed around 40 million people and they were true mercenaries.

3. Buried Alive:


Some of the pharos in the pyramids and other ruins are buried with their servants and pets. and why not because their servants were so loyal to them that they actually used to smear themselves in honey in order to attract flies away from Pharos.

2. Animals on Trials:


Yes people in those days thought that even the animals are answerable to them and as a result they used to trial them for their bad behaviors.

1. Morphine: Medicine for kids:


Mothers used to give morphine to their kids so that they could sleep and mothers can finish their work, this happened not very long ago just a century before.


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