Ten Terrifying Instruments And Why You Should Thank God

Men are ruthless, this is what we have been hearing since our childhood. And this is true  at least in this case when you will read the below list of the instruments that were once used in the hospitals and you would thank God that these are not in use nowadays.

Stricture Divulsor:

This scary instrument was used for mal patients when their urine was blocked in the urethra. This was inserted in the urethra through the penis of the patients and with the rotation of screw which helped to dilate the urethra.

Tonsil Gullotine:

This is one of the scariest medical instruments you would see in the laboratory. This was used to cut the tissue, after piercing the tonsil. Long handle helped the doctor to reach the tonsil in the throat of the patient.

Hemorrhoid Forceps:

This scissor looking instrument was used to crush and external hemorrhoid which restricted the blood supply to the damaged tissue.

Fake Leech:

Form the name of the instrument you could very well guess the use of this one. This was used to draw blood, sharp blades would pierce in the skin and the tube would suck the blood.


Don’t judge it by it’s name this small instrument was used to amputate the cervix inside vagina.

Skull Saw:

Yes, you got it right they used to saw the skull through this instrument, you should be thankful to God that you were not born in 16th century.

Smoke Enema:

This device has a very interesting application, as it was used to insert tobacco in the rectum of the people who used to fall in ice cold water, this used to help the patient recover quickly. This device could be in use again if people carry one to throw ice water buckets on their head.

Circumcision Knife:

This is a simple knife that is used in the operations, this one is still used though few changes have been made in it’s design.


This was used to remove kidney stones, this was one of the most brutal instruments as the patient did not knew that the shaft contained a blade which was released using a spring handle.

Dental Screw Forceps:

You might have guessed from it’s designed, this evil looking instrument was used to take out teeth .

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