10 Tragic Stories of Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Own Inventions

Have you ever thought of inventing something. Well, if you have then you need to change your mind because this isn’t a safe job, as a lot of notable inventors and scientists have been killed by their own inventions. Yes, you heard it right, these great people were trying to make world a better place, and in their efforts they gave their life.

Michael Dacre:


Dacre was a test pilot who happened to be one of the pioneers of the aviation industry. He was killed during a test flight which he himself was the pilot of, his plane’s engine caught fire and crashed near Kuala lumpur, capital of Malaysia.

Wan Hu:


According to Chinese legend, Wan Hu was a Chinese scientist in 16th century who had an ambition of flying to moon. For this he made a chair which was powered by rockets. His plan failed when the 47 attached rockets instead of taking him on the moon exploded and eventually killing Wan Hu.

Abu Nasr Isma’il ibn Hammad al-Jawhari:

Flying has always been a dream of man and thus has taken many lived too. Abu Nasr was a scientist in Kazakhstan who was the author of a dictionary which had 40,000 terms. He is remembered as one of the first Arabic who tried to fly. He jumped from a mosque with wooden wings attached to his arms, his attempt failed and he was killed in the process.

Li Si:


Li Si was a legal advisor of the King between 246 to 208 BC. He is also known to be the inventor of one of the most brutal punishment machines. His instrument was given the name of “Five Pains”, first the man’s forehead was barred and then his nose was cut off, and did not end here as in the third stage the feet of victim were torn from his body, after that the victim was castrated before the final execution. But after the death of the King, he was executed by his own instrument.

Cowper Phipps Coles:


Coles was a Royal Navy Captain and he used to modify the war ships in 1819, he introduced a hurricane deck on the ship , while the ship was on the test sail the centre of gravity of the ship rose, which eventually overturned the ship and thus killed 500 men along with Captain Coles.

Henry Winstanley:


Henry was a painter and an engineer who built the first Eddystone light house. He was so confident about his design that during one great storm he pleaded the authorities to let him stay in the lighthouse. Sadly the light house was drown in the storm, thus killing Winstanely and five other people.

Thomas Andrews Junior:


Andrews was the chief naval architect of the famous Titanic and he was on board, when Titanic set on it’s maiden voyage, rest is the history and we all know that 1500 people were killed in this tragic incident including Thomas.

William Nelson:


Nelson was an engineer and used to work for General Motors he was killed while driving his own prototype motor attached bike, a first of it’s kind, sadly Nelson could not survive the accident and was killed.

Otto Lilenthal:


He was a skilled glider and was fously known as “glider king”. He made several successful flights until one day when his glider suddenly betrayed him and he fell from a height of fifty feet, he had several fatal injuries and could not survive the blow.

Aurel Vlaicu:


He is remembered as the first man who made a metal plane, on one of such flights his plane crashed into the Carpathian Mountains, killing Viacu.


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