Amazing Street Art By Pejac

Pejac is a Spanish street artist who recently toured Turkey and did some amazing street art that is actually in the form of optical illusions. These are three works and he gave this project the name of “Lock, Poster and Shutters”. Have a look at the work of this amazingly talented artist. You can also follow Pejac on Instagram and Twitter.

He has used a common technique of optical illusion that is known as “trompe i’oeil”. One thing that would truly force you to jump out of your seat is that the sand paper, acrylic paint and pencil to make this piece of art.


Here the main concept is to depict windows, as according to Pejac he wanted to explore the concept of perception and illusion of freedom. This picture is described as a trap by the artist and the amazing thing is that the trap works both sides from inside to outside and the other way around too.




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