This 15- Year Old Creates Amazing 3D Drawings

There are a lot of talented people around us, who keep un surprising us with wonderful talent of theirs, and when it comes to art one never gets tired of saying the amazing work these guys do. It is often said that the coolest art is often the simplest one. Well here we have some marvelous work of Joao Carvalho, who created these breath taking sketches which actually are optical illusions. Work of this awesome sketcher shows us that how using simple techniques master pieces can be prepared.

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Cartoon character stitch.

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Looks like swirls of water in a pond.

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Amazing isn’t it, how a two dimensional paper looks like a three dimensional one.


Children’s favorite Jerry



Simple yet impressive.


This one is a sketch of the famous cartoon character Scooby-Do who wants to come out of the paper.

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