Google protects Gmail users from sending regrettable notes

But now, Google has introduced a new feature called “Undo Send“, which enables the users to cancel a sent mail, is they found it to be inappropriate.

One last thing: You will have to enable the tool to use it. You can find the feature by clicking on the settings cog in Gmail and scrolling about midway through the general tab. For those that did not already have the setting enabled, you’ll have to jump into the General tab to turn it on.

Users now have the option to set time delay between 5 and 30 seconds before sending an email. A little Undo link appears at the top of the Inbox after the message has been sent, which allows you to re-edit or scrap the message. Go to the small cog icon in the upper righthand corner and select “Settings”.

Ever clicked “Send” on an e-mail only to spot a spelling mistake, that you haven’t attached the promised file, or that it’s going to the wrong recipient?

Everyone deserves a second chance in life; especially with their email and Gmail now officially gives it to you. In that time, the user can undo the email, sending it back into draft.

We’d like to know how many of our fellow engineers use the Undo Send feature. However, most users don’t use this section, and “undo send” has now made it to the main settings panel. Now you can do it right from your web-based Gmail inbox.

Gmail undo isn’t so much a groundbreaking technology as it is a brilliant tiny psychological UI hack.

Emails are sent automatically if you hit the send button after composing them normally.

Once the feature’s activated, any time you send a message in Gmail you’ll automatically be given an option to hit “undo” and retract the note.


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