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This update also comes at a time when Dropbox is still trying to figure out exactly what its mobile presence looks like after shifting from its original model of sharing files across multiple devices.

To recall, Dropbox has been adapting elements from Google’s Material Design UI into its application over the last few released.

First off, Dropbox has added a floating action button to folders that allows you to take photos that are saved right into that directory location, making sharing new images with friends and coworkers a more seamless experience. In addition, you can turn a new task into a sub-task during quick-add, add collaborators while creating a new project, Intelligent quick-add with natural date recognition, and much more.

Part of bridging that gap has to do with how users can handle photos.

All of the new features are available to free and premium users, and the updated version of the app is rolling out now at Google Play.

Now you’ll be able to enjoy a cleaner interface, improved navigation over-all, and just an easier way of using the app for mobile devices.

The Android app version of Dropbox got an update yesterday that brings new material design changes for the popular cloud storage solution. Debuted earlier this month, the File Requests option lets anyone upload files into a user’s Dropbox account.


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