Ten Jaw Dropping Stories Of Dog’s Loyalty. #3 Is a Famed Football Hero

When it comes to loyalty and faithfulness, no other animal . Wolves are the ancestors of dogs and very long time ago, when there were no dogs but only blood thirsty and ferocious wolves who roamed around in packs. Some of them started to live near human tribes as they could live on the food that was thrown away. With the passage of time these wolves became closer to humans.
People then bred them and gradually they turned into dogs. Humans likes the company of dogs. And that is the reason why nowadays people who keep dogs as pet, do not take any work from them, but they keep them simply because they like to spend time with them. History is full of tales of dogs loyalty with its owner, but the below discussed are considered to be top ten loyal dogs ever.

10. Lao Pan’s Dog:

Lao Pan was a normal Chinese guy, who had no social status. In fact he was unmarried, all he had was a dog, who was so faithful to him that even after the death of Lao Pan in 2011 dog sat beside his grave for days without shelter and food, and never moved. People observed that the dog sits beside a grave so they tried to move him away but he refused. Eventuallythey provided him food and built a kennel for him.

9. Hawkeye:

Hawkeye’s story went viral in 2011, when on the funeral of his late master Jon Tomlinson, who was Navy Seal, was killed in a helicopter crash. On his funeral Hawkeye went to the coffin of his master and collapsed, picture was taken and went viral on internet. Later Hawkeye was adopted by friends of Tomlinson.

8. GreyFriars Bobby:

One of the oldest dog’s loyalty stories that we ever know. Bobby was a dog who lived in Edinburgh with his master in mid nineteenth century. Bobby stood as a guard on his master’s grave for fourteen long years, until it’s very own death. At the time of death Bobby had turned into a celebrity and a statue was erected on the place where he stood for fourteen years.

7. Theo:

Theo was a military dog and was deployed in Afghanistan with his owner Tasker, who was a sniper. Both master and dog set a record for finding and disarming bombs, until the master was shot dead and Theo could not take the pressure and suffered from seizure which proved fatal. Theo was later on awarded with Dickin Medal, which is equivalent of Victoria Cross for animals.

6. Capitan:

A German shepherd dog Capitan went missing after the death of his Argentinean owner Guzman. Several weeks after when the family visited with cemetery, they were surprised to see Capitan there, who identified the correct grave, though he was never taken to the grave before. Capitan spends his night at the graveyard before he does not want to leave his owner alone at night.

5. Dorado:

Dorado was owned by a blind man Rivera, who worked in World Trade center and on the day when the twin towers were hit Rivera was in the building. As soon as the first plane crashed into the building Rivera ordered his dog to go, who initially went but came back with a co-worker who escorted both of them out of the building and as soon as they came out building collapsed. Rivera later on stated in an interview that he is alive because of his dog.

4. Bud Nelson:

Horatio Nelson Jackson was the first person to drive across United States. He started his journey from San Francisco and was accompanied by a mechanic on his way, he brought Pit bull, who he gave the name Bud. Soon when these three reached New York, they had become celebrities. Bud used to wear goggles while he was on the car, those goggles got really famous and so did Bud Nelson.

3. Pickles:

Pickles was a football hero. Back in 1966, few months before the start of FIFA world cup, the trophy was stolen and the world cup was in jeopardy as the games could not take place without the world cup. But a hero rose to the occasion and recovered the trophy from a subway. Pickles had saved the World cup, and now was a world celebrity.

2. Fido:

Fido was a street dog and was rescued by a man Soriani, who found him injured by the side of road. Soriani fed the dog and bought him back to health, and adopted him. Soriani used to work in the factory away from the home and returned to home at night on the bus. Fido used to wait for him at the bus stop. One day Soriani’s factory was bombed by the forces killing him. Fido as usual stood there waiting for his master and when he did not came, went to home. But for next fifteen years, he used to wait at the bus stop daily for his master, until his death.

1. Hachiko:

Hachiko the only dog who has a film to his credit. Not that he worked in that film but the film was made on his story. His owner was a Japanese Professor who used to come to the university through train. Each afternoon Hachiko used to wait for his master, until one day when his master died because of the heart attack. From that onwards Hachiko used to wait for the master on the train station. He became famous because of an article that was written on him. He was given the status of National treasure and died as a celebrity.

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