Ten Most Strange Things In Outer Space. See What Looks Like Mickey Mouse

Our universe is full of strange and odd things. There are things beyond our imagination, so have a go at the list of the weirdest things that you would actually find in the outer space.


10. A water Cloud:


There is a water cloud near a black hole that contains about 140 trillion times the amount of water on our Earth.

9. Planet of Diamonds:


Yes, ladies the name of the planet is 55 Cancri and it is entirely made up of diamonds.

8. Sagittarius B2:


Ever thought what the universe smells like well here’s a trivia ethyl formate is the substance that provides smell to the rum and taste to raspberries, and so it does to our universe.

7. Castor System:


This is one of the many solar systems in our universe and has six stars orbiting around one central mass, which is fifty times brighter than our sun.

6. Stars with high velocities:


There are stars that travel at the speed of trillion of miles an hour. Imagine riding one of these.

5. Giant Electric field:


There is an electric field near to one of the many black holes, the current is bigger than the entire Milky Way.

4. Himiko Cloud:


This is one of the biggest objects in the universe almost half the size of our galaxy.

3. Gravitational Lensing:


This picture you see is actually of two stars the front one is a blue star and behind it is a yellow one, bending of the light makes them looks like this.

2. Trifid Nebula:


This certainly resembles a unicorn doesn’t it?

1. Mickey Mouse in Space:


Yes this is a real picture, isn’t it simply stunning.


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