20th Century Events That Changed The Course Of Humanity

Many important events took place in 20th Century. Here we will have a quick recap of the major events.


10. Pearl Harbor Attack:


7 December 1941, was the day when Japanese launched an attack on famous Pearl Harbor. United States was taken by surprise as the attack was on Sunday morning and most of the soldiers were still in their night suits. Attack lasted for almost two hours and the damage was immense. American President said that “date will live in infamy”, and after this United States jumped into the war and the rest is all history.

9. John F. Kennedy Assassination:


John F. Kennedy is perhaps the most loved American President, he took charge in 1960 and in his period America was on the course to greatness. Until 22nd of November 1963, the day he was assassinated while he was on a trip in Dallas. His murder still remains a mystery as the assassin was murdered in the jail before the trail.

8. Martin Luther King(Junior) Assassination:


20th Century was probably the century with most number of political murders and that too of great people. This great man was shot down on 4th April 1968. United States honors this great man with a national holiday.

7. Landing on Moon:


Travelling in outer space has always been the dream of man and taking this mission one step ahead was what happened on 29th July 1969, when the first man Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. This truly was a great achievement for human race.

6. Challenger Disaster:


28th January 1986 is marked as the darkest day of Space travel as on this day the shuttle Challenger burst into flames just after 73 seconds after the takeoff. This was one of the first accident of it’s type and coasted seven lives. Space shuttle program remained shut for two whole years.

5. Slum of 1929:


Famous slum of 29, is what it is called as on 29th October 1929 Stock Market of United States crashed and it led to one of the darkest periods of the country’s history. It took a World War for a country like United States to come out of this slum.

4. Berlin Wall Torn down:


9th November 1989 is the day to remember as on this day the famous Berlin War was torn down and so did the philosophy of Hitler.

3. San Francisco Earthquake:


An earth quake of 7.9 on Richter scale hit the city of San Francisco claiming the lives of more than three thousand people, tuning the whole city into a wreck. Rehabilitation process went on for years before the city came to it’s real shape.

2. Hiroshima Catastrophe:


6th August 1945, saddest day of modern history of mankind as an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. 60,000 residents were killed in this unfortunate incident and it is a known fact that even today residents of that city are paying the price as very few of the born children are perfectly normal.

1. Welcome to a new millennium:


I remember this vividly as on 31st December 1999, my uncle said to me that child you are very lucky and fortunate to live in two centuries. Such is the importance of that day, although at that particular time different conspiracy theories were afloat, but nothing happened as the clock struck 12 and in very next moment humanity had travelled a whole century.


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