Why Spartans Were Tougher Then YOU

Spartans are considered to be one of the most dreadful and fearsome warriors, there is a reason why these people were so tough and here we would be unveiling those jaw dropping secrets.

10. Early Inspection:


Instantly after the birth male children were presented before a council who would inspect the infant and those who did not passed the inspection were left to die in the wild.

9. Wine Baths:


This is one of the most insane secret of Spartans as the infants who were chosen were given baths in wine as it was thought that this would make them stronger.

8. Ignored:


When these babies cried they were usually ignored as this was the way to teach them how to fight darkness and solitude.

7. Taken to the academy:


At the age of seven these boys were taken to the academy away from their parents where they used to learn the art of warfare.

6. Fight with cold:


At the age of 12, all things from these boys were taken apart from a red cloak, and they were left in the cold, through this they learned how to fight cold.

5. Stealing encouraged:


Food was usually kept scarce and these kids were even encouraged to steal the food.

4. Flogging for Stealing:


Although if these boys were caught while stealing they were severely punished and flogged, this helped them master the stealing skill.

3. Theo:

Theo was designed such that it made them immune to cold and pain.

2. No FEAR:


Young boys who showed any signs of cowardice were taunted and ridiculed.

1. Only Choice:


The only career choice male Spartans had was of solider.


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