Alpine’s 60 years Celebration at Le Mans

Even though this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours race let the curtains down, Porsche’s performance will stay preserved in history.

Above: the new Celebration concept.

“With no need for gimmicks to stand out from the crowd, the beauty of the Alpine Celebration resides in its simplicity”.

Alpine pulled the covers off its new Celebration concept vehicle, a two-seater coupe, in front of the 250,000-strong crowd at Le Mans last weekend.

The athletic rear integrates air intakes built into the rear quarter panels to contribute to engine cooling. You’ll find orange callipers, a fixed rear wing, twin tailpipes and a rear diffuser with an F1-style central fog lamp.

And we have to say on the evidence of the new Celebration concept, we’re quite excited about the prospect. Development started in earnest shortly after but by 2014 the two went their separate ways. Indeed, French cars haven’t had much relevance here in quite some time, what with their unavailability and all.

It’s a proper look at how a future Alpine sports auto could look, with echoes of the originals from the 1960s – from styling details to the retro-inspired colour scheme.

Renault did not want to reveal what engine lurked behind the seats, probably because it’s a temporary powertrain; we expect the final version to be powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder.

Should the project prove successful, Renault may launch additional Alpine-branded cars. Unfortunately, none will be heading our way as Renault has no plans at present to return to the U.S. Of course, each of them will need to be supported by a strong business case.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Side profile has distinct echoes of 1960s Alpines


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