Electronic Arts hypes ‘Star Wars’ games at E3

Throughout the 90-minute presentation, a few games stood out.

Hey, want to see gameplay footage for Star Wars: Battlefront?

Beyond that, it takes place in Ventura Bay, which is 2x the size of Need For Speed: Rivals’ world. That expansion – “Knights of the Fallen Empire” – will be released October 27.

The company’s efforts to respond to consumers extended to its latest shooting game, Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2.

The preview depicts a 40-person multiplayer game between Imperial and Rebel forces on the ice planet of Hoth, switching back and forth between both sides.

EA has a long history with “Star Wars“.

Official Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Announcement Trailer: The official reveal trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. EA called it “truly free-roaming”. It’s due February 23, 2016. In the case of “Star Fox”, Nintendo hasn’t released an all-new mission for the vulpine fighter pilot in almost a decade. What drew many players to the game was the variety of choices they could make throughout the game, and the way those choices would affect the game’s storyline. The next installment in the Battlefront series has gone through a lot of rough spots even being cancelled at one point, but DICE are applying all their knowledge from the Battlefield series into giving Star Wars Battlefront new life.

The E3 debut gameplay demo can be seen in the video below. It looks awesome. Star Wars Battlefront will launch November 17, 2015. View the Star Wars Battlefront E3 Multiplayer Gameplay, the trailer is titled “Walker Assault”.

And finally the original IP!

Yarn is a tiny knitted character who leaves a trail of red wool on its adventures.

In development by Swedish studio Coldwood Studio, Unravel is, as cheesy as it may sound to you, the threads of love. A platform game from small Scandinavian studio Coldwood, whose creator Martin Sahlin took the stage to introduce the game. In this physics-based puzzle game platformer, you have to traverse nature’s obstacles inspired by the breath-taking environments of Northern Scandinavia.

I think the game is looking great, and I can’t wait to get more.


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