New Cortana Analytics Suite bundles Microsoft’s core analytics technologies

Cortana Analytics Suite will be made available in the autumn, and will be offered on a subscription model which allows companies to configure the service to suit their needs, as well as offering pre-configured methods to deploy the suite. Additionally the Cortana Analytics Suite integrates with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant.

The new data suite announced by Microsoft combines the company’s different data processing technologies; thereby underscoring its apparent efforts to ‘democratize big data.’ The suite essentially comprises a set of Azure- backed services for businesses looking to give smarter decision-making a push by capitalizing on their big data.

Most organizations today have access to more than enough data to help improve their operations – the challenge is sifting through and analyzing all that data to find hidden insights so they can make better decisions about the future. Microsoft is not yet providing any pricing information for the suite.

The Microsoft officials have informed that the enterprise developers are the primary target audience for the Cortana Analytics Suite. Cortana Analytics Suite provides a flawless opportunity for Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) to immerse itself wholly in the data analytics business. “Our customers want to transform data into intelligent action and reinvent their business processes”, he said.

“”Scott Guthrie, Microsoft executive vice president of the cloud and enterprise groups, stated on the opening day of the conference, addressing the Microsoft partners in attendance”, You can take Cortana Analytics and build fantastic solutions for your customers”.

The functionality addresses the use cases that Microsoft expects will emerge as the most popular among users of Cortana Analytics Suite, most notably product recommendation, automated fraud detecting and isolating various customer metrics such as abandonment rate. A manufacturing company, on the other hand, would be able to use the suite to optimize its supply chain, manage performance risks and enable predictive maintenance of equipment.

The idea behind ImagineCare is to make healthcare more proactive by using data from sensors and activity trackers to help nurses and health coaches monitor people’s health in real time.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Microsoft targets new Cortana Analytics Suite at knowledge workers


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