Internet Sites That You Do Not Know Exist

Internet has no doubt made our lives simpler than ever. One cannot imagine the ocean of knowledge that lies on the internet, although there are some freaky sites that have not made it to the top, but still provide material that would simply blow you away.



You might have guessed it from the name, this amazing site gives you the exact current locations of flights all over the world. So if you ever want to see that where your dad plane’s is at the moment just log on to the site and you would know.



This site is scary as hell as this tells you about the end of times; they discuss different things such as holy predictions, climatic changes, and black holes and stuff like that.



This site is an excellent time pass. The white guy who owns this site comes up with most weird and out of the box facts to prove that, the President of United States of America is just like him.



Ever wondered what secret projects of different countries are, well if you love this sort of stuff then this site is probably going to blow your mind as different secret projects that are being carried out in the laboratories are discussed here.

5. The


This site as the name clearly suggests belongs to one of the diehard fans of the most famous music group on the world. In 2009 the owner of this site came up with a cassette of Beatles that was never released and from then onwards he has been trying to come up with stuff that the band never really broke up.



A site for zombie lovers and people who believe in them in a nutshell it can be said that it is a social networking site for zombies.



If you love to read weird stuff and are into the aliens then this is one of the best time pass site for you. Here they tell you how the aliens abduct people each year and why haven’t you been abducted and stuff like that.



Everyone wants to know about tomorrow and that is the main idea of this site that it gives you information of the forthcoming years and how the life on planet Earth would change drastically.



This is perhaps the most popular site of this list and is not as creepy as others. This one contains short stories and other stuff but the best part is that once you log in to this site it actually takes you in grip and you would spend hours on. It is considered to be one of the most addictive sites on the internet.


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