Sony says ‘The Last Guardian’ is coming out on PS4 next year

The Japanese game was first shown off back at E3 2009, but since then has never been mentioned officially at the PlayStation press conference.

Sony gave The Last Guardian the honorable pleasure of starting its E3 2015 press conference this week.

So even though Sony’s PlayStation Vue service – the TV service it operates through its PlayStation consoles, now on a traditional cable package pricing model – carries local programming, you will not be able to choose any of it at launch.

It took a while to drain the excitement and awe from watching the short gameplay footage.

An attendee reacts to a video game demonstration during the Sony Playstation at E3 2015.

Press day at the annual E3 video game conference is behind United States and the show itself has officially begun.

Sony, Yoshida and Ueda all realized how the true potential this game held could be realized, if they just moved the title onto the newer system. To further ensure fans that the game was indeed alive and well, Sony Entertainment Studios included a release date of 2016 at the end of the trailer.

That all said, it will be interesting to see what Nintendo highlights.

There’s no contract, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can try a 30-day free trial, as well as get discounts on Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus, and a new Machinima channel. This new demo showcased a tense driving sequence that more than showed off the new graphics engine.

A new London-set Assassins Creed title, Syndicate, was shown off, as was a brand new brawler game called For Honour. But Microsoft is also expected to make non-gaming announcements, like the release of Windows 10 and Xbox One integration, according to Crave Online.

The Japanese entertainment titan boasted an array of beloved games for exclusive play on PlayStation 4, along with behind-closed-doors demonstrations of video games tailored to immerse players in fantasy worlds using Sony’s Project Morpheus virtual reality head gear.

The service will be available in July, but it was scheduled to be rolled out in San Francisco and Los Angeles Monday night.

The Japanese company closed off the big announcements early this morning. The old days of trotting out celebrities to awkwardly read from a teleprompter are gone (the closest to it was a new Ford GT being lowered from the ceiling and a brief intro from Henry Ford III for Forza 6) and Microsoft is content to let the games speak for themselves. It did however have a cool addition to the Super Mario world. It’s hard to know where to start with this, other than it’s a blank canvas game where the controller is the brush, and players can create dream-like sequences and share them with others.


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