Things That Could Have Earned You The Label Of “Witch” In 10th Century

Sounds crazy but it is true that women were labeled as witches, if they acted in a certain way. Sometimes it was not even their fault but still the community used to be afraid of them only because they possessed a certain mark or mole.

9. Third Nipple:

Not only a third nipple but a mole or a mark on the skin was also named as “devil’s mark” and were considered to be the bites of snake or dog.

8. Sex out of Wedlock:


If a woman had sex out of wedlock and she confessed it, she was usually hanged and there are many such examples of this incident, the most famous in this regard is of Alice Lake.

7. You are poor:


It’s an old saying that being poor is the biggest crime, so it was in those days if a woman was poor she was accused of witchcraft and later on burnt in front of people.

6. Grown Old6
This was the most famous accusation and both married or un-married woman were labeled as witches in later stages of life.

5. A bunch of Children:


If you were married and have an awful lot of children, even then you were considered a witch because normally it was though that witches tend to have more children.

4. Predictions about Husbands:


If a woman was found making predictions about her future husband she used to be punished severely as this was considered a big crime in those days.

3. Hangout with girls:


If you hang out with your fellow girls and have a group of girlfriends even then you were labeled as a witch.

2. Married but not enough children:


You can imagine the double standards as even if you do not have specific number of kids even then you were in trouble.

1. You’re a woman:


Yes you read it right, since it is a known fact that women believe in magic and dark stuff more than men so some people in that era considered all women as witches.


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