Mindboggling Facts About Black Holes

Black holes are the spaces in the universe that attract each and everything towards themselves and do not allow anything to escape from them. From the day these black holes were discovered there has been a lot of speculation about their strange behavior. Here we will try to lift hood from some of the most strange facts about these holes.

10. Affect time:


This is a strange fact and is difficult to digest but these black holes make time pass slower than usual and clock ticks at a much slower pace near them. Scientists believe that it has something to do with gravity.

9. Huge in size:


These holes are very big in size and some people believe that their size keeps on increasing with time.

8. Nearest Black hole:


Nearest black hole to the Earth is approximately 1600 light years away.

7. Corner of Milky Way:


There is a huge black hole just across the corner of our galaxy Milky way.

6. Evaporate:


Some scientists believe that black holes eventually evaporate, though this is still considered to be a hypothesis.

5. Not small:


One thing you should keep in mind that these are all theories that are being discussed here, so another one is that black hole becomes so small that it actually cannot be measured that is that they shrink to a size of quantum.

4. Not funnel shaped:


In some text books you would find that the black holes are funnel shaped, this is certainly not true as they are in the form of spheres.

3. Weird behavior:


Because of the spinning of a black hole there comes a time when things approaching it begin to distort and eventually things start acting weird, again this is just a theory.

2. It can also kill you:


Black holes would eventually kill you this is a well known fact but the thing is, that it can kill you in horrible ways such as your body would start stretching until it gets torn into pieces.

1. Not actually black:


This is a big misconception and needs to be corrected that black holes are not usually black as they emit radiations.


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