10 Creepy Facts About Serial Killers

Serial killers have always been an issue of great interest for not only general public but also the professors of universities. Here are listed some of the creepiest facts that would raise the very hair on your back.

10. Paranoid Schizophrenic


Joseph Paul Franklin was an American serial killer. He was convicted of several murders, and given six life sentences, as well as a death sentence.

9. Youngest Serial killer:


You are not going to believe this but the youngest serial killer is an eight year old Indian boy.

8. Helped in his execution:


Serial killer Albert Fish helped to position electrodes before he was killed by two jolts; his last words were “I don’t even know why I’m here”.

7. Windowless rooms:


Believed to be America’s first serial killer H.H Holmes made windowless rooms on a drug store, where he used to kill people.

6. Beware of them:


According to a report developed by FBI, there may be 30-35 serial killers and that too active ones, at any given time in the country.

5. Female Serial killer:


Most brutal and fearsome woman serial killer was Elizabeth Bathory,who used to abuse and tortures the victims before eventually killing them. She is believed t have killed over 600 young women.

4. Makeshift Silencer:


A serial killer named Robert Pickton,used a dildo as a make shift silencer on his revolver.

3. Celebrity’s girlfriend:


A girl who was dating Ashton Kutcher ,was killed by a serial killer in 2001.

2. Castle owner:


The first serial killer of Jamaica who was locally known as a mad doctor used to hunt people down in Edinburgh Castle just for fun.

1. Wrath of Rejection:


A serial killer named Ted Bundy was once madly in love with a woman who had dark long hair parted from the middle.She rejected him and he went on to kill thirty young women mostly with dark long hair which were parted from the middle.


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