FOX News Radio: Dolphin Jumps Onto Boat, Injures Woman In CA | News

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Dirk and Chrissie Frickman were en route to Dana Point Harbor, Calif. with their two children when disaster struck.

While the dolphin appears to have escaped with relatively little harm, Chrissie Frickman did not.

So close, in fact, it landed in the boat.

Chrissie Frickman was screaming in pain as the dolphin flopped on her legs.

‘That dolphin could have crushed my kids so I’m glad it was me, but we are all completely traumatized!’ she wrote on Facebook. In the fray, the mammal managed to injure itself, too, spurting blood all over the 21-foot Boston Whaler.

Dirk Frickman sped their boat toward the dock, along with a sheriff’s Harbor Patrol escort. “It brushed my daughter and just missed my son”, said Dirk Frickman. The wounded animal swam away.

His wife is still recovering from her injuries. His first attempts were futile until he realized he had to remove the chairs, Frickman said.

“The officer “came zipping out”, Frickman said”.

The Frickmans scrambled to the front of the boat as the trapped dolphin thrashed across the floor, cutting its nose and spraying blood everywhere during the horrific struggle.

They then guided it back into the water.

Dirk Frickman said they may stay a bit farther from the dolphins next time.

Harbor Police Sgt. DJ Haldeman has said that he’s never heard or experienced an event quite like this. He told them he was coming in fast and to look for his boat at the mouth of the harbor.

They moved away from the dolphin and radioed for help.

“As I pulled up it wasn’t what I expected”, Crowson told City News Service.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department tweeted this photo of the dolphin after it was rescued from the boat.

Father’s Day didn’t pan out so well for the Frickman family. But they still had the dolphin to contend with. The family was able to slide the dolphin out of the boat and back into the water.


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