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“We are prioritizing satisfying customers who purchased the Wii U,” Iwata added – which should come as a relief to Wii U owners saddened by the relative lack of new games bound for the platform, especially after Nintendo’s lacklustre E3 showing.

Fortune’s Chris Morris suggested Nintendo implied “that they think the excitement will be back when details are announced.” on the new NX which is still a few years away from being ready.

Nintendo struggled to regain the core audience they battled with Sega for in the 1990s and, while the Wii revolutionised family gaming and opened up a huge range for casual and younger players, the support from third-party game developers dwindled, making the console seem all the more gimmicky towards the end of its run. The announcement of new hardware when the old hardware still has yet to fully find its footing is something of a death knell.

“We don’t have anything to announce, but I can say that we’re certainly exploring options and capabilities”, Nintendo of America’s Damon Baker told Polygon.

How long will the Wii U last? The dual screen display and motion controlled within the proximity of console are the trademark designs of Nintendo, which by that case the competitors are still trying to mimic the motion-controlled concept of the Wii.

The NX so far has kept up its mysterious allure with no real leaks about the hardware to speak of, and industry pundits do not really even have firm guesses about what it might be. And again, Nintendo fans will not like to hear this, but despite massive sales of the Wii, I still do not believe it was fundamentally a very good console.

Nintendo’s next-gen video game hardware, which is presently known simply as NX, has kept an enigmatic appeal to itself for nearly a year now.


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