Five Most Dangerous Cocktails. #1 Must Be Avoided

Cocktails are the life of a party, and social gatherings are considered to be incomplete without cocktails. But one should be very careful while choosing the cocktail because some of these drinks are very fatal and have taken a lot of lives. This article will tell you about the most dangerous cocktails that are served at the parties.

5. Cuba Libre:

Mixture of soda, rum and lime, this drink is believed to be invented in early twentieth century in Cuba. One drink of this cocktail is equivalent to two to three average drinks. It is served with pineapple mostly.

4. The Hurl Hurl:

This cocktail is the mixture of a number of flavored liquors, such as Canberry, Peach, Melon, Raspberry and Banana. It is made by simply adding all these flavors with ice and then placed in a shaker.

3. The Zombie:

This drink is also known as skull puncher and is notoriously famous. It was invented in 1930’s.

2. The Aunt Roberta:

The Aunt Roberta Cocktail is one of the most potent cocktails available in the world. It is probably the oldest killer cocktails, first emerged on the scene in early 1800’s.

1. The Vaportini:

Practically and conventionally speaking, It is not a cocktail, this is the latest sensation started by youngsters where instead of drinking alcohol, they actually inhale it. It is very injurious to health and must be avoided.

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