Breakthrough – Samsung Team Finds a Way to Double Your Phone’s Battery life

“By doubling battery capacity”, They said, “most phones will eventually end up with units capable of holding over 6,000mAh of charge which should be enough to get even the most intensive of users through a day – even when the battery begins to wear out”.

Existing lithium batteries, which were developed and commercialized by Sony in the 90’s, has been developed in a way of extending the capacity rather than increasing the life and density owing to limitations of material itself.

Samsung prophesizes that the breakthrough will bring about important implications for both mobile devices and the electric auto industry. You may have to go through the nightly charging ritual for a while yet though: Samsung says the technology is still two or three years away from being used in commercial products.

It became world’s first to investigate a mechanism that increases durability while Graphene protective layer slides during volume expansion. In other words, Samsung has found a way to nearly double the capacity of lithium batteries, which are used to power smartphones and various other gadgets. It can then be combined with a lithium battery with the shiny result in that it lasts 1.5-1.8 times as long as a traditional lithium battery, thanks in part to the layered structure of the company’s graphene. Patent is pending for this technology in Korea, the United States, Europe, and China.

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology also developed a technology that can control phonon characteristic in Graphene within the size of nanometer. Like Samsung’s new discovery which brings forth a new coating method for battery cathodes. Through the measurement of local phone characteristic, it is estimated that basis for high-density semiconductor’s element’s design and analysis using Graphene hereafter is prepared.


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