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    Check out Five Examples Of Amazing 3D Street Art

    3D street art is art that is developed and then put up in public spaces – usually in the street or large sidewalks. The term has come also top include traditional graffiti art, stencil graffiti, poster air, sculptures and other type of art displayed in public places. Actually optical illusions Three dimensional street art seems […] More

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    This 15- Year Old Creates Amazing 3D Drawings

    There are a lot of talented people around us, who keep un surprising us with wonderful talent of theirs, and when it comes to art one never gets tired of saying the amazing work these guys do. It is often said that the coolest art is often the simplest one. Well here we have some […] More

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    The Bizarre Shapes We Get Our Pets Into By Not Feeding Them Properly

    2/3 of professional veterinaries in Europe state that obesity in pets is the single largest health crisis facing domestic animals throughout Europe today, with 95 percent of those taking a survey identified early deaths as the most serious outcome of this condition. The cause of animal obesity is that many animals are basically eating more […] More

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    Art Using Recursive Algorithms.

    Check out below some of the amazing work done by Antony J Barbour utilizing droste effects. More: Facebook Repetition:  ZoOom In: Reduct: Introspection: Loop: More

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    Ten Facts Prove That Living In Past Was Frightening

    Living in medieval ages is considered to be fun as people think that those were the glorious times and people living in those times used to be more down to earth. But below here are listed some facts that would raise the hair on your back and surely you would be thankful to be born […] More

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    Ten Most Awesome Places Abandoned By Humans

    Humans are strange specie they like to decorate their homes and beautify it to every extent. But as soon as some problem occurs they abandon their place for no specific reason and these places are then left to the wild. Here are some of the most amazing places that once were not so great but […] More

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