Whale tangled in ropes freed off coast of Provincetown

Once they were able to sever that, the humpback could freely swim, leaving the shark to flee from the area, its easy prey lost.

Scientists say they have recently freed a humpback whale entangled in ropes which had a large shark bite on its body.

In order for the Marine Animal Entanglement Response team from the Center for Coastal Studies to make sure everyone helping is kept at a safe distance from the 15 foot hungry shark, the scientists started to disentangle the whale from aboard IBIS, the organization’s 35 foot rescue vessel, named appropriately after the first whale that the Center for Coastal Studies ever freed.

It seems that before the Marine Animal Entanglement Response crew from the Center for Coastal Studies arrived at the scene the whale was pretty badly injured on its left flank.

When the team spotted the humpback whale’s dorsal fin, it also spotted the 15-foot great white shark circling it. The humpback whale must have been on the great white shark’s menu for the day, as blood was seen flowing. This is because the fact that whales can be quite difficult adversaries when they are healthy, even for the great white shark.

The place where the whale was found is a popular feeding ground for whales and is about 5 miles north of Provincetown.

Dr. Jooke Robbins, CCS of director of Humpback Whale Research, was the first to spot the whale and initially assumed the humpback was merely resting. They are most likely to target incapacitated whales [as in this case], sick individuals and otherwise vulnerable animals.

Once the shark swam away, the team then pulled alongside the whale to finish the disentanglement.

“Had we not found that animal, I don’t think it would be alive today”, Landry said.

The whale, however, was still wrapped in the remnants of the line, and the team attached a working rope to the section around its tail.

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