Explore Every Canyon And Volcano On Mars With NASA’s New 3D Map

Mars Trek is an interactive map of the red planet’s surface made out of images taken during the previous Mars missions.

Nasa has created its very own Google Earth for Mars, allowing you to roam the surface of the Red Planet whilst keeping your feet very firmly on Earth.

If you’ve been wanting to uncover the secrets of the red planet and can’t wait for SpaceX to ready its ships, you’re in luck. It may not give you the adrenaline rush of blasting off into space, but Mars Trek is definitely a more convenient way to explore our planetary neighbor. Clicking on the names of the features you come across on your virtual hike across Mars brings up geographical information about the formation as well as insights on the names themselves – many of which will delight geeks.

The site offers three maps, one of either pole as well as a global map on which it is possible to locate the rover Curiosity’s landing site.

The map scale can be adjusted from standard mile and kilometer readings to show non-standard units like school buses, soccer fields, or Golden Gate Bridges.The website also offer a layer function that lets you select a variety of map layers representing different orbital cameras, such as NASA’s Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES).

You can also download STL files to print 3D models of notable features. The ability to zoom in for close up views of craters and other objects is missing, but users can control their view.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Explore Every Canyon And Volcano On Mars With NASA's New 3D Map


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