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Bing is going through serious changes these days, and Yahoo is not willing to wait at Microsoft’s whims, or at least it knows something we don’t know about Bing’s future, because the company has started testing Google-powered search results for its search engine. Yahoo did not share any further information and Google did not immediately respond for a comment.

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) recently confirmed that it is testing out other search providers starting with Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

Yahoo’s new search tests with Google first came to light after Aaron Wall, an online marketer and founder of the search engine optimization Web site SEO Book, published a post on his blog Wednesday saying he had noticed different results when searching with Yahoo on different browsers.

Yahoo was granted the freedom to innovate its own search business thanks to an amendment to the search partnership between itself and Microsoft earlier this year. According to the rather unsurprising results, Google favors its own content when returning local search results, which is – surprise, surprise – a violation of competition laws. Previously, Yahoo and Microsoft were bound by their partnership rules wherein all of Yahoo search results were powered by Bing. Due to this shift in companies, it makes it obvious that Yahoo and Google have some sort of a relationship between them, but let’s see if this relationship can give Yahoo any benefits. Yahoo’s chief executive, Marissa Maye also showed her dissatisfaction. “Our results provide empirical evidence that universal search has in some situations been deployed in a manner that degrades the search product and harms Google’s users”, they said.

Yahoo is therefore utilising this flexibility to enhance the search experienceby partnering with others.

Google, the search leader, was expected to take a 54.5 per cent of the global market this year, the research firm said.

Google search results and ads have begun appearing when people search on Yahoo.

Google already handles most web searches worldwide, and the European Commission has a formal antitrust case pending against it, alleging it has abused its dominant position. However, it is likely that any large-scale deal with Google would again attract the attention of antitrust authorities.

Of course, this deal would not be possible without the deal between Yahoo and Microsoft being nonexclusive. This leaves the company free to partner with others in order to improve its search engine usability.


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