Viral Video: Mysterious UFOs caught leaving earth; NASA faces questions

In the month of January, a UFO was spotted on the live feed of ISS and once it started elevating into space above the Earth’s horizon, NASA’s signal was cut off. All this could be a coincidence, but many individuals on social media and UFO hunters have suggested otherwise. But the moment the lights appear to blast off the planet, the video feed is cut by NASA, with a message displaying on screen stating: “Please stand by”.

The video was taken from Nasa’s live feed and posted under the title ‘UFOs, Angels Or Biological Creatures Seen Leaving The Earth?’, where it has since gained nearly a million views.

Many people have already labeled the YouTube clip ? which has been watched more than 600,000 times ? proof of alien life. As seen in the sightings, the UFO is black in colour and disc shaped, ‘ and described it as “medium” size.

NASA hasn’t offered any official comment on the footage.

The video shows three unidentified flying objects (UFOs) moving out of Earth’s atmosphere.

One of the comments read, “I just adore how they cut the feed of, they make it so obvious they know what’s going on too”.

Another wrote: “I say multi-dimensional spaceships”.

Britain’s Sunday Express noted, “Of course, its possible the YouTube video has been doctored, or the unexplained objects are simply a trick of the light”.

YouTube user “Mister Enigma” created the video from Nasa’s ISS live stream.

NASA has not provided any further explanation about its weird move of cutting the live feed from ISS or about the curious lights which are claimed to be UFOs.

This is not the first time conspiracy theorists have claimed NASA has inadvertently captured extraterrestrial activity. Some said that the video is the right kind of proof that was needed to ascertain alien presence.


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