Cheaper Surface Pro 3 With Core i7 Model Goes On Sale

While a price of $499 for its enhanced models with accessories.

Compared to the Apple iPad, the Surface Pro 3 following is not so big but the device was successfully marketed by Microsoft as the next best thing to a desktop – powerful but is mobile like a laptop. It is powered by the fourth-generation Intel Core i3 1.5 GHz processor powered by a 4GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4200.

That idea, put forward by long-time Windows watcher Paul Thurrott, also ties into concerns that the Surface Pro range as a whole may be facing an uncertain future.

Redmond today added a new version of its tablet with 128GB of storage and a 1.7GHz Core i7 chip for $1,299.

Combined with the fact that Thurrott’s traditionally-vocal rumor pipeline has been conspicuously quiet about the Surface Pro 4 project, and it’s perhaps no surprise that there are some who don’t believe the new tablet will ever see the light of day. It shares that $1,299 price point with an i5 model that also has 8 GB of RAM, but double the storage, at 256 GB. Previously, the i7 model came with either 256GB or 512GB of storage.

To be clear, the new $1,299 Surface Pro 3 isn’t an exact replica of the higher tier model. It’s up to shoppers whether they’d rather have less power and more storage or more power and less storage. Microsoft is offering free protective sleeves with every Surface Pro 3 it sells online or in-store.

Or perhaps not. But either way, you have to wonder what-if anything-this says about a potential Surface Pro 4 release. Though there is a lack of official reports when it comes to the Surface Pro 4, industry sources of the news outlet assured users that the laptop/tablet is still to be expected.

The Surface Pen is one of its best features as it is designed specifically for the device and allows users to write on its screen. With Windows 10 coming in July, the Surface Pro 4 release date is estimated to be around that time frame.

With improved fanless CPUs, a lot more memory and 4G LTE, the Surface Pro 4 will be the powerhouse of the freelancer, and the office worker as well. In between major redesigns they début new iPhones with the same design and upgraded internals as the model that preceded it. A move like this would explain why decent Surface Pro 4 feature leaks are hard to come a year after the Surface Pro 3 release.


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