E3: Microsoft’s Biggest Xbox Announcements

The HoloLens allows gamers to display Minecraft in 2D on any surface you imagine, however it also opens up the opportunity to display a fully intractable 3D version of the game that can be used on a surface such as a table.

At its E3 2015 press event, Microsoft has confirmed that it’s bringing backwards compatibility to the Xbox One this fall and that the games will be available for free if players owned them digitally on the Xbox 360.

The first games are available now for Xbox Preview members (an initial list is here) but Microsoft insisted you won’t be charged to play games you already own – an obvious dig at Sony’s offering of PlayStation 3 games.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) key note at E3 was full of excitement as the company made several announcements to the pleasure of its fans. They are trying to convince 360 owners to go for an Xbox One by introducing this good will gesture.

Game developers don’t need to change any code for their 360 titles to run on the One, we’re told: popping in a 360 disc or downloading the title from the Xbox marketplace should be enough to run it on the XB1.

Microsoft just announce a piece of hardware for the XBox One that could be a game changer for all gamers alike. Put more simply: your old Xbox 360 games are about to start running on your Xbox One.

He then nicely stated that it’s great that Microsoft chose to take a different approach with the Xbox One. In a way, it is also an insult to Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service that provides older PS3 games for $50 annually.

Now the backwards compatibility is only for users in the Xbox Preview Program, but an update is expected to release soon to add the feature for all users.

Cortana already making way to Windows 10 PCs, and its tweaked version is in development for Android and iOS, but its presence on Xbox One will finally give a smarter way to let gamers connect with their game consoles. Microsoft is promoting the next installment in its popular sci-fi franchise, “Halo 5: Guardians,” at E3. Rumors state, the HoloLens will be more expensive than an Xbox One standard game console. Halo 5 will be released in October as a Xbox One exclusive blockbuster.


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