Who ‘won’ Day 1 of E3 2015 — Microsoft vs Sony

From the great, sweeping boss fights to the little things – like the connection between the player and their horse – Colossus was a deeply loved game, and its spiritual successor here looks like it will have just as much heart and soul, in the design and animation of the little boy and his giant griffin-like puppy companion, and in the grand imagery an fantastic landscapes.

In terms of games, my biggest takeaway from the MS conference was variety. Not only was this an iconic game, it tragically ended on a huge cliffhanger; and for many years it was believed the rest of the story would never be told. FF VII was the first 3D game in the Final Fantasy series, created on the cusp of video games’ journey away from sprites and into polygons, and often cited as among the top few most pivotal titles in videogame history.

Aside from the games themselves, Microsoft revealed an Xbox 360 backwards compatibility feature which won’t force you to re-purchase your old games.

Microsoft had a couple of employees demonstrate HoloLens by playing Minecraft, a game with a user base of more than than 100 million worldwide.

All in all I felt it was a really strong showing.

Sony’s House boasted that developers were embracing crafting games that give players 360-degree perspectives in worlds visited using Morpheus virtual reality head gear Sony is readying for market.

Meanwhile Sony unveiled the newest games for its PlayStation 4 including “The Last Guardian” and “Horizon: Zero Dawn“, at a separate event in Los Angeles. They also teased an a la carte channel system coming to Vue in July nationwide, but there are only 3 channels to choose from: Showtime, Machinima and a Fox Soccer channel.

Sony Studios is also expanding the massive science fiction shooter world of its successful new “Destiny” video game centered on seemingly limitless online play. Their other draw was “exclusive PS4 beta” offerings that come with pre-orders. Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony delivered some unbelievable press conferences, and we were right there in the action. Heck one of the “highlights” of the conference was announcing a Kickstarter campaign to get Shenmue III made. Though I’m sure the latter demo triggered skipped heartbeats, it did nothing to allay my growing fear that the whole affair is going to be this incredibly gorgeous, unfathomably sweeping, but in the end ultimate patina of a game that scratches away too soon (let the record state that I want nothing more than to be dead wrong about that).

To me, Microsoft easily “won” E3 this year. This E3 has certainly delivered a ton of incredible announcements already. But each company also publishes exclusive titles – Microsoft’s Halo and Sony’s Uncharted are examples – and compete for blockbusters by others.

Microsoft played up the work done to harmonise play across Xbox One and computers powered by Windows 10 operating software due for release later this year.


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