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When there’s loot, co-op is moot. During their E3 conference today, Ubisoft showed off some gameplay of The Division‘s Dark Zones.

More importantly it has not been clarified whether the beta will be open or closed.

After its announcement at E3 in 2013, it’s high time that we got a concrete Tom Clancy’s The Division release date. The standard cover based gameplay was showcased along with what happens when you encounter other agents. First impressions are pretty good, though we do wipe on the first attempt when we somebody gets sloppy on the revives. This could influence your decision as to how to tackle the next group you meet. I had the shotgun and a submachine gun, as well as an automated turret. My other mate backed United States up with healing bursts from his medkit, plus his Seeker bombs sniffed out and absolutely destroyed any nearby threat.

The fact that the game’s best loot is hidden in these areas means that you will need to weigh up risk and reward when venturing in, Ubisoft hopes, and sometimes not succeed. Neat stuff. So we had to hide behind cover the whole time we were fighting. Our team in the States will likely have a hand-on preview in the near future. But of course, they weren’t the real villains of the story. Massive Entertainment’s Ryan Barnard said it’s all about the fear and paranoia of playing in a place where you can trust no one, and the gameplay demo certainly seemed to accentuate that tense, eerie atmosphere. Alliances can be broken at any minute. That leaves people struggling to survive and scavenge for loot and supplies. Luckily I will be able to on my tour of Ubisoft on the show floor.


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