E3 2015: Watch Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 press conference here

Microsoft is hungry, and it shows.

During the company’s E3 press conference, Microsoft showed off a new version of Minecraft created to work with HoloLens. “If you have a HoloLens, you really feel these performances are in your world”. It’s the first time I can remember a female voice open one of these presentation.

Forza Motorsports 6 races into stores exclusively for Xbox One on September 15th, 2015. In all, there are over thirty new videos! Microsoft has been promising the greatest lineup in Xbox history at E3 this year, and it’s something that we’re very eager to see.

One of the biggest game announcements from the event was the release date for the latest installment of the popular Halo series. Even more exclusives are on the way, as Graeme Boyd, social marketing manager at Xbox, has revealed in an interview with gamer2gamerevolved that there are more exclusives besides the ones that are already announced. Adds to the overall feel of the morning.

We were unsure if the Minecraft versions previously demonstrated by Microsoft were the real deal, or if they were in someway limited to only a few flashy actions, but with the addition of multiplayer mode and the demo we saw today, there’s no doubt the authenticity of the game’s playability. Its hesitance to go all-in on a VR platform for the console itself may be a handicap or may seem intelligently prudent, depending on how the next year or two goes. To celebrate Ford’s GT anniversary the game has the auto exclusively this year.

There was also the now-traditional indie montage, with a lengthy demo of titles like Ashen, Beyond Eyes and Cuphead. It’s a 1930’s cartoon brought to life as an Xbox game, oozing more style than half the games on the market combined.

The first conference in the day of many conferences is from Microsoft.

Of course, Xbox One is hungry for a reason.

Microsoft has also confirmed that it’s going to talk in-depth about the upcoming Windows 10 operating system, which will debut on PC on June 29, and on the Xbox One starting this September.


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