Mathematician May Have Just Solved The Mystery Of Missing Flight MH370

Many conspiracy theories have been touted online that even include alien abduction, but Dr. Chen’s theory is based on statistical research and some computer simulations, which present evidence to back up his claims.

Now Dr Goong Chen, a mathematician from Texas A&M University at Qatar, along with his team of experts believe no debris or oil spill has ever been discovered because the plane vertically entered the ocean.

Chen notes that his work is “of a speculative character” and that finding MH370’s black box is the only way to truly determine the flight’s final moments. He added that because of the troubles of a year ago – where flights MH370 and MH17 were shot down over Ukraine and went missing over the Indian Ocean, respectively – the company was now “technically bankrupt”.

To date, no wreckage of the Boeing 777 has yet been found and investigators said that they will no longer expand the search zone for the missing plane.

The team simulated five scenarios, including a gliding water entry similar to how Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger safely landed a flight in New York City’s Hudson River, saving all 155 aboard, in the so-called Miracle on the Hudson in 2009.

An applied mathematician and his team conducted numerical simulations on what really happened to the doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. This explains why the plane didn’t leave any debris or an oil patch that are usually signs of an airplane crash.

According to the fluid dynamics simulations, a vertical water entry would have caused the least resistance.

Mr Chen said if the plane crashed in a nosedive, the wings would have snapped off instantly but all debris would have been heavy enough to sink to the ocean floor.

If the plane entered the water at this angle, no large bending moment would take place, which is what occurs when external forces are applied to the plane and break up the fuselage.

Towards their conclusion, they establish that the “total-disappearance of the jet could be best explained by a ‘vertical water entry crash, ‘ which probably saw the aircraft plunging at a 90 degree angle into the southern Indian Ocean”. Though the search area was doubled in April to 120,000 square kilometers, the governments of Australia, Malaysia, and China have agreed that it won’t be expanded further if no trace of MH370 is found.

MH370 left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on March 8, 2014.


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