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The down and out mobile phone maker Nokia has announced it’s return to the business.

Speaking to United States publication Reuters on Thursday, Nokia’s Chief Executive commented that they would look for ‘suitable partners.’.

Despite previous reports suggesting otherwise, Nokia actually does want to get back into the smartphone industry, according to a recent statement made by CEO Rajeev Suri to German magazine Manager Magazin.

Nokia’s deal with Microsoft prevents it from using its own branding on smartphones until the fourth quarter of next year, but this doesn’t apply to tablets. Meanwhile, ex-CEO Stephen Elop along with three high-level executives has left Microsoft. The partner would be responsible for manufacturing while Nokia would work on the design aspects and probably license the Nokia brand name on the product.

Expect to see all new Nokia phones in 2016. It is manufactured and distributed by Foxconn and a Taiwanese company, both taking the Nokia brand name for solidarity in the extremely competitive Chinese market. Nokia did the same for its N1 tablet that runs Android.

It could therefore come to pass that, as Microsoft distances itself from what appears to have been folly, Nokia could end up making devices for old Nokia under licence, possibly causing the type of paradox that Marty McFly was so keenly warned about. The Finnish company is now looking to sell its mapping platform, called Here. Are you excited to hear about Nokia’s possible re-entry into the smartphone business? This time, too, the company is collaborating with manufacturers for its mobile phone.


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