Electronic Arts hypes ‘Star Wars’ games at Electronic Entertainment Expo

The biggest flaw in the Star Wars Battlefront preview was the fact that EA did absolutely nothing to prove that this game will be anything but Battlefield with a Star Wars skin on top of it. In fact I intentionally titled this article “Star Wars Battlefield” and I have a sad suspicion that over 50% of you didn’t notice.

EA’s trailer shows gameplay of the battle on the ice planet Hoth, as the battle rages on foot between the rebels and Imperial stormtroopers. It showed a match on Hoth from the perspectives of both the Rebels and the Empire. Experience Faith’s origin story and the future of first person action adventure games. It will be released on November 17, on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Use this as a reminder that “Battlefront” is not, nor is it pretending to be, part of the cohesive “Star Wars” continuity. Indeed do you think the title can put early criticism to bed and prove that it’s much more than just a palette swap?

The developer recently shared the details of the customization and graphics of the game which are presently being created by the development team of “Star Wars: Battlefront” based primarily on the Star Wars universe. Major characters from the films – such as Darth Vader and Boba Fett – will also be playable. Abrams-directed “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and anticipation for the game seemed to match that for the movie at the Electronics Entertainment Exposition presentation that EA held Monday.

Many More Multiplayer Modes – In addition to Walker Assault, Star Wars Battlefront will feature immersive, fun-filled multiplayer modes including Supremacy, Fighter Squadron, Blast, Drop Zone, Cargo and more to be announced in the months ahead. The Battle of Jakku DLC is available for free for all players on Dec. 8, or Dec. 1 if you pre-order the game. What we know is the game will be an exploration-based platformer where your path through the adventure is literally strung together with wool.


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